4 Tips for Growing Lilies

Are you planning to add lilies to your flower garden? Read on and discover some of the helpful tips that will enable you to grow beautiful lilies.

Inspect the Plants

Make sure that you inspect the plants that you are going to buy or receive from a friend/neighbour. Avoid selecting plants that have any holes in their leaves. Such plants may have been affected by pests. Taking the affected plants will introduce those pests to your garden, and you will struggle to get the infestation under control. It is also wise to inspect the lilies regularly after you have planted them so that you can detect any pest or disease attacks early before they spread. If you spot lily beetles, you can remove and discard them by hand.

Sunlight Is Vital

Lilies require plenty of sunlight each day. As such, it is necessary to select a planting location that can access sunlight for most of the day. Avoid shaded areas because the lilies may bend as they orient themselves towards the direction from which most of the sunlight is available.

Use the Right Soil Mix

Drainage is essential to lilies. Observe your garden after it has rained and select a location that dries quickly after a bout of rain. Add plenty of organic matter into the soil so that you can enhance its ability to lose excess moisture. That organic matter, such as compost, will also provide the vital nutrients that are needed for the lilies to get established and thrive.

Apply Mulch

The bulbs of lilies cannot tolerate high soil temperatures. It is, therefore, a good idea to mulch the area where you have planted your lilies. The layer of mulch will help to keep the root zone cool during the hot months of the year. The mulch (preferably organic mulch) will also decompose and provide organic matter to feed the plants. Regular watering can also help to regulate the soil temperature. Just be sure to avoid overwatering since the roots may rot. A simple way to determine whether you need to water the lilies is by sticking a finger into the soil. Moist soil doesn't need to be watered, while dry soil should always be watered.

The specific care instructions often vary depending on the variety of lilies that you would like to plant. Talk to your supplier so that you can be advised about what you need to do to get the best blooms from the variety that you wish to plant.