What To Plant Each Season For A Beautiful Flower Garden

Flowers brighten your garden, and taking a stroll in your garden and admiring the beautiful flowers that are in bloom can bring great joy. Spring is associated with planting, but Australia's climate means it's possible to plant new flowers year-round as long as you pay attention to what plants do well in the conditions of each season. Read on to learn about what flowering plants to plant in spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers offer bright pops of colour and fast-growing varieties, such as sweet peas and forget-me-nots, and can cover flowerbeds within a few weeks of planting. If you like small, delicate flowers, plant some azaleas, which have light pink petals with a darker pink rim. If you prefer larger flowers, plant striking red poppies or deep purple pansies, both of which also look lovely in a vase if you're a fan of cut flowers. If you're looking for a perennial plant that does well in spring, fuchsias are a great choice. They grow like shrubs and need to be cut back just before spring each year, but their unusual pendulous purple and red flowers will be a talking point of your garden.  

Summer Flowers            

Summer flowering plants need to be heat tolerant and do best when watered in the morning to reduce the risk of fungal disease, which is common during summer months and can quickly kill off your plants. Carnations are easy to grow and their delicate fringed petals come in a variety of colours from pastel pinks to bright yellows and deep reds. Dahlias also do well in summer and have striking round flower heads consisting of numerous blunt petals.

Autumn Flowers

The cooler autumn temperatures won't suit many plants that thrive in spring and summer, but some varieties prefer the conditions offered by autumn. Giant daisies and autumn sage are good choices if you enjoy white flowers. Gerberas offer brighter coloured petals, such as orange, red and lavender, and they are also available in bicoloured varieties. They are members of the sunflower family and have saucer-shaped heads.

Winter Flowers

Winter plants will grow and flower at a slower rate. They can also be susceptible to frost burn, but you can help prevent this by watering them early in the morning before the sun is fully up. There are some lovely bright varieties that do well in winter, such as lavender and lilies. Calendulas are available in annual and perennial varieties and will brighten your garden with their dark green foliage and deep orange blooms.

If you'd like to plan a year-round flower garden, speak to your local plant nursery. They can help you choose varieties that will grow well in the space you have and keep your garden in bloom across all four seasons.