5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Staircase

One of the overlooked challenges of building a multi-story home is the staircase. You need a staircase that looks good but also functions well in the space. Often, custom staircases are the best option, as the following illustrates. 

1. Space Constraints

Fitting a staircase into a small home or tight corner is a challenge at best, and often impossible if you are looking at premade staircase designs. A custom design can be built to the space. This may mean adding a small landing and direct shift to fit into a narrow spot, or perhaps designing a spiral staircase or alternating step staircase for the tightest corner.

2. Safety Concerns

The best staircase is a safe staircase. Although premade staircases are engineered for safety, they are not engineered to the specific safety needs of your home. If you have small pets or young children, for example, you may want a staircase designed with integrated gates that will prevent the little ones from accessing the stairs. Or, you may need wider steps or lower rails for those with mobility challenges. A custom-designed staircase can meet all your safety needs.

3. Design Versatility

Premade staircases don't typically come with a lot of options, so most of them tend to look exactly the same with only small differences in finish colour or railing shape. If you want a unique staircase that is the focal point of the space, then a custom design is the only way to go. Your builder will work with you to bring your vision of what the staircase should look like to life. 

4. Material Options

Staircases can be made from a range of materials, but the main stringers are typically made from wood or metal. You can then use metal, wood, and even glass for the remainder of the staircase. A custom builder can create a design that uses your preferred material, or a combination of two or more materials, to create the perfect staircase for your home.

5. Budget Limitations

A tight budget is no reason to skimp on the stairs. Prefabricated stairs provide less versatility of materials, which means the ones available that fit your space could be made of more expensive components. A custom builder can design a staircase from lower cost—but durable—materials so that you have an option that better fits into your building budget. 

Contact a custom staircase builder to learn more about all of the available options.