Three Ways Replacing Aging Windows Saves Costs

As windows age, they develop weak points between the window frame and the wall, allowing air to enter and escape throughout the day. Unfortunately, a drafty house is less efficient as far as energy consumption goes. For instance, an air conditioning system must work extra hard to steady indoor air temperatures. However, you can prevent high energy bills resulting from drafty windows by replacing them with new ones. This article highlights ways window replacement helps save energy costs.

Eliminates Drafts — The first thing that will disappear when you replace aging windows are the gaps between the window frame and walls. Since the gaps create draft points, cold and hot air freely enter and leave the house, increasing energy costs. Some of the gaps might be too small to notice if you do not inspect your windows regularly. When replacing old with new pieces, a contractor will make the necessary adjustments to close the gaps. The absence of gaps eliminates draft sections, helping keep indoor air inside a room and outdoor air outside. The air-tight space between a new window frame and the walls allows an air conditioning system to work efficiently, significantly reducing energy costs.   

Insulation — If the aging windows in your house are a couple of decades old, the chances are that they are single-glazed. Notably, single-glaze windows were constructed using a single glass pane as the only barrier between the interior and exterior environment. Unfortunately, single-glazed windows do not provide enough insulation, meaning the external environment can easily affect the indoor climate. In this regard, you should replace single-glazed windows panes with double-glazed panes. The two separate pieces of glass divided by a vacuum provide the best insulation. In addition, it keeps harmful sun rays from reaching the rooms and raising indoor temperatures. Thus, replacing old windows keeps energy costs low.

Discounts and Special Offers — Replacing windows costs money. It is the reason some homeowners deem it an expensive exercise. However, window replacement does not have to be costly if you know what you are doing. For example, eco-friendly developments have made it easy for homeowners to invest in energy-efficient residential features such as windows. For instance, if you replace old windows with energy-efficient models, you could be eligible for a range of discounts and special offers on specific energy-saving windows. However, remember that only Energy Star-rated windows can qualify for such incentives. Therefore, be careful where you buy replacement windows if you want to benefit from incentives.