How to Find Aussie-Made Furniture and Why It Matters

When going furniture hunting there are a few things you should be on the lookout for. First of all, it pays to know exactly what you want before going shopping so that you don't get distracted by any impulse purchases. When looking for lounges and sofas the first thing you should check for is if they are Aussie-made lounges and sofas, because this guarantees you quite a bit better quality than the alternatives. Here is how and why you should check to see if the furniture you have been eyeing is an Aussie-made lounge.

Australian Made Trademark

The best and only way to verify that your lounges are Aussie made is to check for the trademarked logo. First of all, it is important to be familiar with the exact type of logo, and not just the term. Many companies might say their product is made in Australia but without the trademarked logo, there is no way to verify this on your own. They might mean only a part of it was made in Australia or the material comes from Australia, but if you want to be sure you have to seek out the proper logo!

Why It Matters

Aussie-made lounges are simply held to a higher standard than those made overseas. Not only are Australian health and safety standards much higher, but the construction process is much more tightly regulated, which results in higher quality furniture of all kinds. Not only that but if for some reason your furniture has an issue soon after you buy it, then you know exactly who to contact about the problem. Aussie-made lounges have much better warranties and guarantees than those manufactured overseas because they are governed by local laws.

Always Ask The Associates at the Furniture Store

The quickest way to rule out any non-Aussie made lounges is to simply ask a nearby employee where the section you are looking for is. Most of the time Aussie-made lounges and sofas will have a higher price, but that is because they are made better while paying the carpenters a living wage and created in safer conditions. Many of the imported pieces of furniture are created by very underpaid and overworked exploited carpenters. That doesn't mean you can't find deals on Aussie-made furniture either, it just means you have to keep an eye out for sales and be a bit more proactive about your purchasing.

Learn more by contacting manufacturers who supply Aussie-made lounges.