Which Blinds Suit Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are incredibly popular in Australia and have replaced the more traditional sliding patio door in many places. Of course, being able to fully open them without having one pane of glass permanently in position is what many people are looking for with a set of bi-folds. However, they cause a bit more of a challenge when it comes to the type of window treatment that will be used to cover them at night. Curtains, which hang down over them, may look good when the doors are shut, but they can get in the way when bi-folding doors are open. Equally, they can prevent bi-folds from fully opening even when they are supposedly out of the way because they hang down at the sides. Instead, it is often better to opt for blinds, but which type is best?

Venetian Blinds

This type of window treatment is suited to both windows and glazed doorways, like bi-folding doors. They can be pulled up right out of the way of your doors, allowing them to fold up along their runner with ease. When dropped down, it is also easy to turn the slats of Venetians to cut out unwanted sunlight and protect your privacy inside. Venetian blinds do have a maximum size, however, so you may need more than one set to cover your entire bi-folding doorway depending on the manufacturer.

Roller Blinds

Like the Venetian variety, roller blinds are easy to get out of the way overhead. Like curtains, they are incredibly easy to maintain and to operate. However, they also offer the additional benefit of being able to be dropped down partially. This means you can cut out the worst of the sun's glare at the top of each pane of glass while still allowing enough light in to see what you are doing. Even better, roller blinds are available in blackout materials these days, which will help you to prevent unnecessary fading inside your home.

Integral Blinds

They may cost a little more, but integral blinds are a good option if you are soon planning on having bi-folding doors fitted. They are not easy to retrofit, however. The big plus point of integral blinds is that they sit between the two panes of glass for each panel on your door. This means you don't ever have to dust them, and they won't blow around if your doors are open and the wind picks up. Many people like them because they're so convenient while producing a seamless look with the doors themselves.