What to Consider When Buying Plant Pots for Your Residential Landscape

Are you looking to increase the charm and beauty of your residential landscape? Using plant pots is the perfect way to draw visual interest to your outdoor space and add a touch of modernity to it. But with the vast selection of planter pots available on the market, you can be hard-pressed to find suitable products for your landscape plants. 

Here are some key things to consider when selecting plant pots for your home exterior environment.

Size of the Pots

When it comes to selecting plant pots, size really does matter. All plants require space to grow, so it's vitally important to choose the proper sized container for your plants. In order to allow your plants to grow and thrive, select a pot that will provide adequate height and depth to hold the plants. 

Material Used to Make the Pots

Planter pots are made from a wide variety of natural and man-made materials, including plastic, fiberglass, concrete, timber, terracotta and stone. These materials vary in terms of strength, weight, durability and appearance. 

When selecting pots for your outdoor plants, make sure you choose a suitable construction material. If you have traditional style home and want something that will accent the look of the home, you can't go wrong with pots made of natural materials, such as timber, natural stone and terracotta pots, for example. These pots age gracefully and add rustic appeal to landscapes but have high price tags. The good news is, you can get the look you want at a cheaper price.

For example, you can opt for pots made of timber composites if you desire the look of timber but can't afford the price of timber pots. It is also important to note that not all plant pots are porous. If you're going to use plastic pots, for example, make sure you create holes at the bottom of the containers to help with drainage.

Shape of the Pots

Plant pots don't have to look dull and boring. While they are available in a variety of standard shapes, such as round, square and rectangular, they can also be customised to take unique shapes, like vases and urns. 

When you are choosing pots for your plants, choose a container shape that will allow the plants to grow well. For example, vase-shaped pots have a wide opening that provides lots of space for a combination of plants to thrive.

Still unsure about which plant pots are right for your outdoor space? Talk to a residential landscaping products company near you today.