Trends You'll Want to Include in Your Home's New Kitchen Design

If you're having a house built for yourself, or are looking to do some remodelling to your current kitchen, you might check out a few trends to discuss with your contractor. Incorporating one or more of these trends into your design will ensure you end up with a kitchen space that is functional but also fun and stylish, and one you'll love for as long as you own that house!

Bold colour choices

For many years, shades of tan white were popular in a kitchen, and these colours are certainly light, bright, and airy. However, they can also be a bit bland!

One fun trend for today's kitchens is to give them a good splash of colour. This doesn't mean painting all the walls something overpowering or investing in bright appliances that you might get tired of very quickly, but you can try a bold yellow, candy apple red, teal blue, or other favourite choice on an accent wall. This colour can make your kitchen unique and a great expression of your own personal style.

Downsized island

Kitchen islands are somewhat standard in homes today, serving as a space for food prep, storage, and eating. While it can be good to have that added space, an island can easily overwhelm a kitchen and get in the way of foot traffic.

When designing your new kitchen, consider a downsized island that isn't so obtrusive. You might even have it designed with slide-out or fold-down benchtop areas that can be pulled out when needed, and then tucked away when not in use. This smaller sized island will then be functional and efficient, but won't crowd your kitchen.

Statement lighting

Fluorescent bulbs are not usually anyone's first choice of lighting for a kitchen, but standard track lighting might also do little to express your personality and make your space seem stylish. Statement lighting is a good choice for a kitchen, to add more brightness and to ensure your light fixtures don't seem bland and dull. Statement lighting can include a wagon wheel for a rustic space, a chandelier for something very regal and fancy, or wire light fixtures for a modern home.

When choosing statement lighting for a kitchen, be sure you opt for something that is bright enough to properly illuminate food prep spaces. You'll also want something easy to clean, as airborne grease can settle onto kitchen lighting and make it dingy and dull. To learn more, contact contractors who can help you create a new kitchen.