Luxury Features You'll Want in Your New Custom Home

Working with a custom home builder means being able to pick and choose all the luxury features you'll want in your new home, creating a space that fits your personality and needs. While features like marble countertops and a built-in home theatre have become somewhat standard in homes today, you might note some additional luxury features you may want in your new home, so you can discuss these with your builder as needed.

Luxury closet

Walk-in closets are somewhat standard in new homes, but you can take this feature one step further by asking for a luxury closet or dressing room to be included in your home plans. A luxury closet may feature a separate space for dressing, with a beautiful chair, full-length mirrors and lots of lighting. Custom shelving can also accommodate your own wardrobe; for some, this might include tilted shelves that show off your shoes, whereas another person may need individual rods and compartments for luxury suits or party dresses.

Hobby room

What is your favourite hobby? Whatever it is, have a room built to accommodate! If you love pottery, you may want a room with a concrete floor so that it's easy to clean the water and bits of clay that often get splattered around a pottery wheel. If you have a record collection, you may want a soundproof room with space for an antique record player, where you can enjoy that collection without disturbing the rest of the family. If you like to work on cars or engines, have an extension built onto the garage with specialty shelves and a pegboard for tools, room for an overhead crane for lifting heavy parts and lots of ventilation so you don't get overwhelmed by engine fumes!

Home office

Since many people today use a compact tablet for working, the home office has typically disappeared from new house plans, often in favour of a small desk space in the kitchen or family room. However, this cramped space may not be comfortable when you take work home with you, if you work from home, or if you simply need a separate and private space for paying bills, reviewing your finances or even just reading and relaxing. Ask your homebuilder about a home office that fits your needs and that creates a comfortable environment for working; this can mean space for a large desk and comfortable chair, shelves for books, a space for cabinets for paperwork and files and so on.