Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Self-Storage

A self-storage unit is a good solution for anyone whose home or apartment is a bit cramped and crowded, or who wants to store dangerous items like tools for their business away from any children in the home. If you've been considering a self-storage unit for any reason, you might be hesitant only because you believe some very common misconceptions about these facilities. Note a few of those misconceptions here, and then you can determine if such a unit is the best choice for your storage needs.

Items get mildewed or rusted

One common misconception about storing items in a self-storage unit is that those items will get mildewed, rusted, creased, cracked, or otherwise damaged. However, this type of damage is usually the fault of the owner, and not the unit itself! You cannot simply put items in an outdoor unit and expect those items to be damage-free, as they need to be protected from humidity, bitter cold, and the like. Also, some packing methods may actually encourage damage; for example, sealing clothes in a plastic bag may trap humidity in the bag with them, so that the clothes get mildewed or discoloured. Research the best way to store items and then invest in high-quality bins, totes, and tubs, and your belongings should be free of damage when you're ready to retrieve them.

They're unsafe

You may think that you should keep your belongings under your own watchful eyes for them to be safe, but note that a self-storage facility may have more security features than your own property. Many facilities have a very tall, secure fence, with a locked gate at the front, security cameras, flood lights, and so on. A strong lock on the door of your unit can also be more secure than your home's garage door, which might have a flimsy, plastic lock that is easy to break! Depending on the facility you choose, your items may then be even safer in the storage unit than at home.

You can't access your items

Very few self-storage units will not allow you 24-hour access to the facility. A front office may close at a certain time, and some facilities may not have after-hours emergency numbers you can call if you lose your key to your unit, but most storage yards will have cards or codes you can use to enter the facility at all hours. This allows you full access to your items any time you need them, without worrying about the working hours of the office staff themselves.