The Advantages of Concrete Tiles for Home Flooring

When it comes to home flooring, you have a large variety of materials from which to choose, so you don't need to settle for everyday carpet or expensive timber slats. Concrete tiles or poured concrete are both becoming very popular with homeowners today; concrete may sound a bit bland and industrial, but it's actually very attractive and can work in any home no matter its overall decor. There are other advantages to concrete tiles that you might consider so you know if it's the right choice for your home and so you can discuss this option with a concrete installer as needed.

For pets

No matter how well trained your pets are, accidents do happen, and it's very difficult to thoroughly clean pet urine and solid waste from timber slats or from a carpet and its underlying padding. The odours of these stains in carpet and wood floors can also linger for days, and if these stains are not cleaned quickly, they can allow for mould and harmful irritants to start forming in carpet fibres or in the soft wood of timber. Concrete, however, is very dense and easy to clean, and isn't likely to absorb such stains or suffer scuffmarks and other damage from claws and sharp nails.


Concrete can be painted or stained virtually any colour and finish. This gives you the option of changing the appearance of your concrete floor much more easily than if you wanted a new carpet colour or stain colour for your timber floors. You can also have your concrete floors buffed so that they're shiny and glossy or have an aggregate added if you want to add some texture to the surface. This gives you more choices for your floor's appearance over the years than if you had carpet, timber, or standard linoleum tiles installed.


Carpet fibres often hold dust, dirt, pet and human hair and other such irritants that are very difficult to remove with a standard vacuum. Soft timber floors can also allow such irritants to settle into their pores and between slats, and these may not come clean with a dust mop. Concrete is much more dense and not likely to hold such irritants, and is easier to clean completely with a damp mop. For anyone who has allergies or asthma or any sensitivity to dust, dander and other such irritants, concrete floors can provide a solid and hygienic surface that won't hold substances that can make their condition worse.