What You Need to Know About Bare Rooted Plants

People who visit wholesale plant nurseries are informed that they can purchase bare root plants, potted plants or pot grown plants. Inexperienced people often fail to decide whether they should buy the bare root trees or not. This article discusses some of the critical information that you may need to know to decide whether you should buy bare rooted plants or not.

What They Are

Bare rooted plants are plants that were initially grown in the field. Those plants are then uprooted and cleaned so that they can be packaged and shipped or taken by buyers. Trees or plants that go into dormancy periodically, such as during winter, are the best for handling in this way.

The Advantages of Bare Rooted Plants

Ease of Transportation. One of the key benefits of purchasing bare-rooted plants is that they are easy to transport because they aren't bulky. This is because the plants are devoid of the containers and soil that increase the volume of other forms of plantlets, such as potted plants.

Minimal Disease/Pest Risk. Bare rooted plants are also good because they present a lesser risk of spreading pests and diseases to the destination. The absence of soil removes the harbourage that many disease-causing organisms prefer.

Selection is Easier. Bare rooted plants are easier to inspect during the selection process. This is because all parts of the plant, such as the roots, stems and leaves, are clearly visible. You can, therefore, select the best plants.

The Disadvantages of Bare Rooted Plants

They Are Delicate. One must take extreme care when handling or transporting bare-rooted plants so that they don't get damaged. For example, the plant roots must be kept moist so that they don't dry up. Temperature has to be kept within a desirable range as well. These demands can seem overwhelming to an inexperienced person.

High Chemical Exposure. Bare rooted plants are often treated with strong chemicals to keep mould and other microbial matter from growing on them during the storage period. These chemicals may have an adverse effect on anyone who gets in contact with them during the process of transporting or planting the plantlets.

Talk to the operator of the wholesale tree nursery about the specific requirements of the species that you wish to purchase. Such an expert will give you all the information that you need to ensure that all the plants will thrive once you plant them in the field.