Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

A room's window treatments are very important, as curtains, shades, shutters and blinds don't just provide privacy; these pieces also keep a room insulated and can be a focal point or a very visually striking accent in a room. Since there are so many options from which to choose when it comes to window treatments, note a few tips on how to make that choice and find the perfect window treatments for your home.

Children in the home

If you have young children in the home, you may be worried about the danger of cords attached to window treatments. You can opt for curtains with grommets that slide along the rod, so no cord is needed to open and close the curtains, but consider if your children might get those curtains dirty by touching them or playing around them. The same is true of pets who might brush up against curtains. Motorized shades or vertical blinds can be a better choice in these cases, as these will have no dangerous cords and won't extend past the window to where a child can reach them.

Large or small windows

Be cautious about adding curtains to very large windows or to an entire wall of windows, as this much material can soon make a space seem cluttered or busy. Curtains can also overwhelm a very small window or small area of a room. Fabric shades or blinds can be a better choice for both sizes of windows.


If you tend to want to open and close your window treatments often throughout the day, you need to consider the ease of operation. Thick and heavy curtains can be cumbersome to open and close, and spring-operated roller shades are also notorious for being difficult to manage. Shutters are easier to open and close, but note if they would give you enough control over how they cover the windows. Blinds that you can twist open for some sunlight, or pull out of the way just partially, can mean the most control and the easiest operation of any window treatment option.


Window treatments can help to insulate a home, as said, but if your home is in a very warm climate or gets lots of hot, direct sunlight, you may not want thick curtains that trap heat in the space. This might actually cause a room to be very stuffy and downright uncomfortable. A window treatment that doesn't trap so much heat can be a better option, including roller shades or wood blinds.