Does Your Guttering System Require Attention This New Year?

For many homeowners, the start of the New Year is a time when they engage in residential maintenance to make sure their home gets a facelift. And although focusing on the exterior appearance of your home is vital, many people tend to forget to inspect their gutters. Since guttering systems are typically out of sight, they unfortunately end up being out of mind too. Nonetheless, if your gutters are worse for wear, it will eventually affect the rest of your property. Thus, it would be critical to also embark on repairs or replacement depending on the condition of your gutters. So how do you know if your guttering system requires attention this New Year?

The gutters have been overflowing

Overflowing gutters are easy to overlook when the weather is sunny. But the reality is you will have a major inconvenience on your hands if these gutters are not repaired before the rainy season rolls around. In minor cases, all you may need to do is embark on thorough cleaning of your gutters, preferably with a power washer so all dirt that has embedded in the gutters can be eliminated. On the other hand, if the gutters have developed holes and gaps in the seams that make the overflowing worse, it would be advisable to have them replaced in their entirety and possibly consider the installation of seamless gutters instead.

Your landscape shows signs of erosion

Your guttering system does not only function to redirect water away from your structure. The rainwater should also be redirected away from your landscape, or it could end up deteriorating too! For instance, if water is flowing to one particular spot of your landscape, there will be severe soil erosion occurring, and this will significantly impede plant growth. Conversely, if the rainwater is being redirected onto shrubs or your garden, the roots of the plants can become waterlogged, which leads to the subsequent death of your plants. If your guttering system has come loose and is no longer redirecting the water through the proper drainage channels, it would be time to have them replaced.

Your foundation exhibits signs of degradation

Another perilous sign of compromised gutters is if your foundation seems to be on the decline. Constant exposure to flooding water will cause your foundation to crack and crumble. If your foundation is not revived, it could be calamitous to your entire property. Not only should you have these damages repaired, but you should also install new gutters that would protect your foundation against the potential of future impairment.

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