6 Reasons Why Advanced Trees Are the Right Choice for Your Garden and the Greater Environment

If you have a garden within an urban area that you're planning to plant some trees in, read on for more information on why you should choose advanced trees. Here are six ways that you, your family, and the greater environment can benefit from you making the right choice. 

Advanced Trees Benefit the Greater Environment

It was once believed that planting young trees was the better way to do your bit for the environment. The belief was that younger trees took in more carbon. This theory has since been debunked-- a worldwide study of over half a million trees from more than 400 species showed that mature trees, on a tree to tree basis, take in more significant amounts of carbon than younger ones.

Advanced Trees Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

Planting larger trees offer greater benefits when it comes to shade and wind. If planted at the right distance from your home, mature trees can help you make substantial savings when it comes to your energy and water use. Large trees will help keep your home cooler in summer, reducing the need for constant air conditioning. They'll also keep your home warmer in winter by acting as a barrier to cold winds.

Shade from trees helps your lawn to retain water by slowing evaporation. This results in less watering needed during the summer months to keep your lawn healthy

Advanced Trees Keep Neighbourhoods Safe

Here's a very interesting benefit of trees in urban environments: inner-city neighbourhoods with higher numbers of trees have lower levels of crime than barren ones. A correlation has also been found between lower incidences of violent crimes and neighbourhoods with more trees and vegetation. So, planting an advanced tree may help your neighbourhood to become a safer place to live.

Advanced Trees Help Protect Your Family's Skin

Skin cancer is a concern in the hot Australian climate. Planting an advanced tree that offers shelter can substantially reduce your family's exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

Advanced Trees Reduce Noise

Mature trees off excellent reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound. This is a great benefit if your home is near a road or shopping areas.

Advanced Trees Bring Nature to Urban Environments

One of the trade-offs of living in a city is the lack of wildlife. Mature trees can help change this by encouraging wildlife such as birds, bees and squirrels to your backyard so that your children can benefit from play in a natural environment.

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