Four Reasons to Keep Your Vehicles in a Storage Facility

Your vehicles are some of your most expensive purchases and will need to be looked after carefully. You may find it more convenient to keep them in a storage facility rather than at your home, particularly if you do not use them much. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a vehicle storage facility.


Firstly, vehicles are very bulky items. A family car that is used every day will need to be kept at your home. However, if you only use your boat or motorcycle in the summer, it will be taking up a lot of room without getting any use. The same is true of vehicles that will need a bit of work or are part of a collection and are only brought out from time to time. Using a storage facility means that you can reclaim the space at home, while still having the use of your vehicle the moment you need it.


Secondly, storage facilities have very high levels of security. They typically have round-the-clock CCTV surveillance as well as secure locks and alarms. Many also have security patrols and PIN access. Ask yourself if your own garage or driveway can provide the same level of protection from thieves. You may decide that a storage facility is a safer choice.


Thirdly, your vehicle will be protected in a storage facility. Quite apart from the risk of theft and vandalism, a vehicle that is left outside may be at risk of damage from the elements, from falling debris such as branches and even from collision by other vehicles. If it is kept inside, it may suffer damage from the other contents of an overloaded garage. Keeping the vehicle at a storage facility will protect it no matter the weather conditions and keep it away from other hazards.


Finally, it is worth remembering that your vehicle may be cheaper to ensure if it is kept at a secure facility. Insurers may consider that the risks to a car on a driveway or a bike on the road are large enough for the premium to be increased, whereas safe storage can bring the costs down again by reducing the risk of theft or damage.

A rarely used vehicle will be much safer and better protected if it is kept in a secure storage unit. Get in touch today with a facility to find out the options available to you. They can provide more information regarding vehicle storage.