Why Opt for a Bespoke Kitchen Design?

According to a recent analysis, the kitchen and bathroom renovation sector in Australia is worth something in the region of $11 billion a year. That is an astonishing figure when you consider how much Australians like cooking outside rather than indoors. Nevertheless, a large part of the expenditure that is spent on kitchen designs and installations in the country is accounted for by standardised, mass-produced products. Although standard kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and appliances are likely to remain popular for some time to come, the positives of a custom kitchen design should not be underestimated. Why should you appoint a custom kitchen designer when you next update yours?

Cabinets That Suit Their Purpose

Although a skilled kitchen fitter can cut down a standard cabinet to fit into a particular location, it is much harder for them to increase their volume. With a custom kitchen design, however, you can specify exactly the size and shape of cabinets you want. Not only will this allow you to optimise your total storage room but it will mean having cupboards that are designed for specific purposes. Want to store something larger than usual in a kitchen cabinet? With a bespoke design, you can!

Choose Materials That Appeal to You

With standard kitchens, you end up with a limited amount of choice. Some cabinets will only come with certain doors, for example. There again, you may only be able to get the look you are after with glued-on veneers that can start to come apart after a few years of use, especially when they are in steamy locations, such as by your sink or hob. So, if you want high-quality materials that are ethically sourced as well as affording you a particular appearance that you are after, then a custom kitchen design will certainly be beneficial.

Adapt Your Design for Changing Needs

Family kitchens will often alter over time. Sometimes when a standard design is installed, you need to rip the whole thing out as younger children become teenagers or older kids grow up and start to leave home. However, with a bespoke design, you can build in a high degree of adaptability to suit changing needs. Maybe you want a work surface that can be used as a breakfast bar for children to eat at in the morning and as a bar in the evening? Whatever changing kitchen requirements you want to take into account, bringing a custom designer on board before you begin a renovation project will make a huge difference to your kitchen's longevity.n