How to Care for Your New Awning Installation

After approaching an awning contractor and picking the perfect product for your home, you can look forward to an installation that lasts for years to come. With the right care, you can make it last even longer. Using some simple tips to caring for an awning installation, you'll spend many days and nights enjoying your new fitting.

Address bird droppings and leaves immediately

When you don't address bird droppings and leaves promptly, they have the potential to inflict stains on your awning. To remove them, use a soft brush. Leaves become particularly problematic when they're damp, as their pigmentation could cause noticeable patches on the awning's fabric.

Rinse your awning regularly

Consider rinsing your awning gently on a monthly basis, before allowing it to dry in the sun. A regular rinse removes dust and hidden debris before they have a chance to darken your awning's original beauty. Don't retract the fabric until it dries completely, otherwise, you may increase the risk of it developing damp.

Remove stains using gentle tactics

If your awning does accumulate stains, resist the urge to use industrial-strength removers. Instead, turn to natural alternatives such as a blend of baking soda and white wine vinegar. When mixed to form a paste, the two substances are adept at lifting stains. Add some of the paste to the stains on your awning, leave it for a few minutes, remove, and then sponge gently.

Know your waterproofing options

Ask your awning contractor if the fabric they're using benefits from waterproofing. If it doesn't, ask them about additional waterproofing solutions. Waterproofing is another efficient way to prevent stains, plus it can keep mould and algae at bay. If you're opting for a pergola installation just before the winter, waterproofing becomes even more important due to additional rainfall. 

Clean the framework gently

When cleaning your new awning's framework, you can use everyday cleaners. However, make sure they're not too acidic, as you may damage the metal. Consider using those that protect against rust, and grease moving parts before you put your new awning installation away for the winter. Winterising correctly ensures you'll enjoy it during lots of summers in the future.

Avoid exposure to heat

While everyone loves a barbecue, it's advisable to keep yours well away from your pergola. Aside from increasing your risk of encountering a fire, you'll stain your awning with smoke and warp its materials with heat. 

Choosing an awning installation is exciting, as you're making a significant improvement to your property's exterior. With the right attention and care, yours will retain its enticing features for years to come. Contact appropriate contractors in your area for more information about installation and maintenance.