Achieving Automated Control of Multiple Areas in Your Home

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to control the lighting of your home just by pushing one button? Or to close/open your blinds without having to manually tug on the lever? All this can now be achieved with home automation.

There are some applications (such as the one provided by Somfy) that are capable of integrating critical functions within the home under a centralized control. These applications work by attaching sensors to various components within the home (lights, awnings, home theatre systems, door locks, etc.) and receiving/transmitting signals to those sensors from a mobile phone application.

You can, therefore, use a single app on your phone to dim the lights before watching a movie, lock the doors when it gets dark, or turn up the music when you're feeling happy on a Saturday afternoon.

Obtaining remote access capability

Home automation systems aim to give homeowners the ability to access and control critical functions of their homes, even when they're away. This ability is made possible by the mobile phone applications. For example, Somfy has a mobile app that enables users to always control appliances within their homes by the push of a button.

Even if you're at work or school, you can turn the AC on/off, close or open the blinds and even unlock the doors for someone who may be waiting outside.

Timing future events

Automation is at the core of home control systems. For example, you can schedule future events with your appliances so they can automatically kick in according to what you had set. Homeowners with automated HVAC systems can save on costs by using an automation system to set their cooling to turn off when they're not in the home and on when they're on their way home.

This means that the AC is not running unnecessarily when no one is home. Other features such as lights can be set to automatically turn off at a certain time so they don't stay on and increase utility bills.

Customize settings to your desired preferences

Mobile app interfaces can typically be customized to your specific preference. You can choose to control each device individually or to group several devices for group/batch control. Group control opens up an entirely new realm of creativity, where you can set individual appliances to have settings that can be controlled in unison with other appliances. For instance, you can match the lighting with the music, or the door locks with the shutting of awnings. The possibilities are endless.